3 favorite recipes

I think I’ve mentioned before, my motivation to cook comes and goes. I’ll go along for a couple of weeks being Betty Crocker and then it will be takeout for a week. Everyone needs a break once in awhile, right? And a Kit Kat.

When I am on a cooking spree though, for some reason I always am wanting to find and make new recipes, when I have like a ton that I’ve made and know are good and that Joseph would really be happy if I’d make again. I should work on that.

Anyway, there are a few that make a regular rotation in our house. Here are three:

1. Spaghetti Bolognese
This is just solid comfort food. It’s pretty easy to make and is wonderful as leftovers. My only changes are to halve the amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg and to use spicy italian sausage where it calls for regular pork sausage.

2. Spicy Black Bean Burgers
Great meatless meal. I usually serve these with avocado, tomato, lettuce and spicy mayo.

3. Salty Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies (picture by Bon Appetit)
This is my current go-to cookie recipe. Excellent cookies. Now, there are tons and tons of recipes out there for ‘perfect’ chocolate chip cookies. I even have at least two other recipes that qualify as ‘really really good if not perfect’ cookies, but these are what I’m making these days in a pinch. And there are a lot of pinches.

pinterest in real life – arugula steak salad

Here we are again. I may have missed a week…or two…

I’ve been eating a lot of sweets lately, or more accurately, I’ve been eating a lot lately. Of everything. It’s bad. I didn’t really do much cooking or grocery shopping for the past couple weeks and that has led to a lot of takeout and things like Chipotle and Portillo’s. There’s only so much convincing I can do to myself to believe that a hot dog has enough servings of vegetables on it or a burrito bowl somehow constitutes a salad. I haven’t gone so far as counting fries as a vegetable yet…but maybe I’m heading down that road.

I need to quit.

So yesterday I finally got to the store and we had this arugula steak salad for dinner. It felt a little healthier than what I’ve been having, and it was a nice low carb meal. The steak I got though…I don’t think it was the best. (What’s up with that, Whole Foods?) It seemed a little tough and chewy, and I didn’t overcook it. I don’t know if I did something else wrong, but for me, it wasn’t awesome. My husband ate it though, even though he agreed about it’s toughness.

The salad itself though, was great. I loved the caramelized pears and pecans, and naturally the gorgonzola took it over the top. Very yummy.

The verdict: Saved.
I’ll keep this one around, and hope for a better steak next time.

Recipe and photo found here

pinterest in real life – lentil soup and hand pies

Still going with this…we’ll see how long it lasts!

This week I tried two recipes in the same meal. This lentil soup was up first: I’d been eyeing it repeatedly but thinking it looked too complicated. I’m not sure why. Maybe the words ‘brown butter’ had something to do with it. Anyway, it was pretty easy!

The soup was tasty, but thinner than I expected, I guess. I was anticipating a heartier soup. Maybe I did something wrong. Anyway, it was nice and spicy with an interesting dimension from the curry. We really enjoyed it with some toasty baguette.

Verdict: Saved.

For dessert I made these apple ginger hand pies. It was my first hand-pie-making experience, and it wasn’t a bad one. The dough didn’t give me fits, for a change. I always have trouble with pie dough. This one came together beautifully for me, so bonus already.

The pies themselves were good, but I kind of wanted an ooey-gooey-er filling. It mostly felt like just apples and the ginger. I’m thinking if I make these again I will adjust by adding some brown sugar to the apple mixture or something. I just wanted a little more decadence in there. However, these were great with some vanilla ice cream. Then it becomes a spoon pie, but who cares?

Our favorite part about these though? The crust! It was perrrfect. Flaky with just the right amount of crispy-crunch when you bit into it. If I don’t make this particular filling again, I will probably still use the dough recipe.

Verdict: Saved, if not just for the dough recipe.
Like I said, if I make these again, I will be adjusting the filling to my tastes.

images are not mine, they are from the original recipe posts (soup) (pies)

what we’re eating


As you may know, if you know me, I spend a lot of the time thinking about/talking about/making food. The other day I was talking with my sister-in-law about food and menu planning and grocery shopping and juicing documentaries (what else?) and she was asking if I ever just open a frozen bag of something for dinner when low on time. I said I do, sometimes, but usually if I’m not cooking at home, we’re getting food from somewhere else and/or trying to figure out where we can get a decent meal at 9:57PM. (That’s besides the point though.)

After I said that, she mentioned something about how she’d be curious to find out what I do actually cook at home because she’s always looking for more ideas to incorporate into their menu, which got me thinking…

It could be cool to do a regular feature of what was (or is) on our menu for the week. I know I always find it interesting to hear what other people are making/eating (I’m weird) so documenting our culinary adventures could be helpful, kind of for my reference as much as yours, because then I can go back and ruminate on the week that we had crab cakes and steak salad and roasted veggie wraps (not in the same meal) (I’ve never once made a steak salad but it’s on my list so aha).

That being said, here’s what we ate this past week:

Coconut Quinoa and Kale Salad, grilled chicken breast
Grilled Kale Salad with Ricotta and Peaches, grilled chicken breast
Corn Cilantro Cakes with Roasted Zucchini salsa, roasted green beans with mushrooms and balsamic

Chocolate Sheet Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting

We did eat more than three meals this week, but this is all I cooked at home. Most of the other meals included ribs. (for real, and that’s kind of weird). My hands smell like barbeque sauce. And with that, I bid you adieu until next time. Hope you enjoyed this episode of WWE. haha.

Note: All images in this post are property of their respective recipe links.