motivational monday

Yesterday was kind of a blah day.

(And you thought this was motivational monday…)

We were all tired, one of us was jet-lagged, the other one kind of depressed, and the smallest one a tad bit grumpy (still cute though). A frustrating trip to get breakfast and some snippy words about a work project were the icing on the cake at my pity party, and I was left feeling disconnected from my husband and questioning my decisions as a mother.

I felt better after a nap and after we reconnected over Portillos for dinner, and as Joseph retired early for the night, I stumbled upon this article that was just perfect. It starts by suggesting that you have more bad days than good ones. Sounds encouraging, right? It really is. Take a look! If we never had bad days, could we fully appreciate the good ones?

motivational monday

Monday is the day we all need a little extra push, isn’t it? I know I tend to want to sleep late, eat bowls of cereal and mosey around the internet. So when I stumbled across this article which articulates exactly how I’ve been feeling and emphasized exactly what I needed to hear, I could’ve cried. It’s pretty awesome and I think you should read it too.

And oddly enough, I had just scribbled the above phrase in my sketchbook like an hour before.