magazine snippets

Every month, the magazines in my house gang up on me. Better Homes and Gardens, Chicago, Bon Appetit…they all just sit there and beckon at me to have a perfect house, an exciting social life, a meal in my crockpot every night. I tend to ignore their advances and just let them pile up. In fact, after I had Simona, I let them go so long that I had two giant (like a foot tall each) stacks to go through. That’s a lotta magazines.

I should have probably just thrown them out, but being kind of OCD about it, I had to go through them to make sure I didn’t miss anything good. Are you like that, or is it just me?

Anyway, I finally got through them but have since let a number of my subscriptions expire. There’s just no time. I do still get a couple though, not to mention catalogs, and I try to regularly go through the old ones to keep up with the clutter. Then I tear out and file the pages I like (told you I was OCD about this…tell me it’s not just me), and I’ve decided to share some of those here.

Planning to make this this week.

Totally a post-workout drink. Now I just have to workout.

You had me at lavender. Then at lemon. Then at cake.

White decor, always and forever.

Exposed brick – check.
Mid-century modern furniture – check.
Lots of light + white – check.
Industrial flair – check.