five things friday

We have a perfect day to enjoy here in Chicago! It’s sunny and 70 degrees and spirits are high. You can just feel it. Hope your weekend is beautiful and happy! And hope you enjoy these links from around the interwebs:

An amazing time capsule home.

Can’t stand how cute these moccasins are.

Have you seen this dramatic little girl?

I don’t have tattoos but this is one of the most tempting I’ve seen.

We had these incredible pastries in Paris and now Bon Appetit is telling us how to make them (a really big project though…)!

five things friday

Craving a vacation.

1. This video is maybe the cutest thing ever. I know, I always say that. But I’m serious. Also that salad looks fabulous.

2. Raise your hand if you also want everything from this shop. Best part is the very reasonable pricing, dontcha think? I’m patiently waiting for this dress I ordered a few days ago. Wanted mint, no mint left, settled for black…which will probably be better in the long run.

I’d wear this everyday.

3. Do you ever get tired of perfect weddings? I don’t think I do.

4. Here’s a very helpful roundup of seasonal produce for September. And if you do happen to get kale from that list, may I suggest this salad? It’s delicious and will make you feel better about a very indulgent Labor Day weekend. Not that I’d know anything about that.

5. Just a cutie for your weekend.

street art

five things friday

Oh, what’s up, perfect life?

1. Tonight is a blue moon. You know what that means, right? Drink all the Blue Moon you can! There won’t be another one until 2015. We picked up this sampler for a lil party tonight, which I’m pretty excited about. Caramel apple spice beer what?

2. It’s pear season, and my parents are proud owners of a pear tree, which means 1) They are consistently trapping squirrels who try to mooch off of their tree (they use a special squirrel trap and then my mom ‘relocates’ them to a forest nearby. seriously.) and 2) I get to share in the bounty of their tree. I used an entire bag of pears from them today to make a ginger maple pear pie (roughly based off this recipe) which is currently in my oven and smelling amazing. Bringing it to Blue Moon party.

On that note, making a pie makes me really excited for fall. Lots of pie-baking to come, hopefully. This also makes me excited for fall:

3. This post makes me want to cry a little bit. No explanation why except that I pretty much want this life someday. Oh, and the fact that it’s actually perfect.

4. I cannot stop making this thai iced tea. Lucky me that husband doesn’t love it as much as I do. I’ve been polishing off pitchers for the last couple weeks.

5. Ever have those days when you just Yup, pretty much sums up my week. Also sleepiness. So I need this little reminder:

Plans for Labor Day weekend? Besides watching the Blue Moon, of course.