My house is so beige.

Back when we got married 7 years ago (!), I was really into earth tones. Just hang out in my “pumpkin butter” painted living room or my latte colored bedroom, admiring the goldish curtains and the brown furniture, and you yourself might turn into a clay pot.

Lately I’ve just been really tired of it. Even my carpet is like this off-colored cream. But uglier. So I’m on a mission to de-beige my house.

I’m really into the look of white, bright, minimal decor (like everyone else these days, I guess). Here are some images that have been inspiring me lately. I hope to eventually totally revamp our living space and when that happens, I will share.

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magazine snippets

Every month, the magazines in my house gang up on me. Better Homes and Gardens, Chicago, Bon Appetit…they all just sit there and beckon at me to have a perfect house, an exciting social life, a meal in my crockpot every night. I tend to ignore their advances and just let them pile up. In fact, after I had Simona, I let them go so long that I had two giant (like a foot tall each) stacks to go through. That’s a lotta magazines.

I should have probably just thrown them out, but being kind of OCD about it, I had to go through them to make sure I didn’t miss anything good. Are you like that, or is it just me?

Anyway, I finally got through them but have since let a number of my subscriptions expire. There’s just no time. I do still get a couple though, not to mention catalogs, and I try to regularly go through the old ones to keep up with the clutter. Then I tear out and file the pages I like (told you I was OCD about this…tell me it’s not just me), and I’ve decided to share some of those here.

Planning to make this this week.

Totally a post-workout drink. Now I just have to workout.

You had me at lavender. Then at lemon. Then at cake.

White decor, always and forever.

Exposed brick – check.
Mid-century modern furniture – check.
Lots of light + white – check.
Industrial flair – check.

a woodland nursery

Baby is coming, any day now.

She’s got a pretty room ready for her that she probably won’t care about for some time, but that’s fine. I think it’s important to have a peaceful lovely room for your babe, because it does something for your spirit, in turn doing something for your baby’s spirit. I feel calm and happy when I’m in this fresh new room, and I can’t wait until it’s filled with baby’s coos, zzz’s, even cries. I can’t wait to dress her up in clothes that she also won’t care about for awhile, clothes that are wonderfully impractical (baby overalls, infant shoes) but worth it because then I can swoon over her even more.

Without further ado, here’s my new favorite room in the house:

If you’re interested, you can find:
-wall decals here 
-woodland mobile here
-tissue paper animal art here (I made my own using this adorable shop as inspiration, but it was pretty time-consuming)

heart and soul

This is everything.

bellbottomsrockerfestivalhippiewoodstock70's styleboho chicWith the arrival of festival season, Free People is on the money with these looks. Don’t they want to make you dance around barefoot in the grass? I’m dying to hit up some festivals this summer. Sasquatch would probably top my list if I could just have whatever I wanted. The lineup is nuts. But I wouldn’t be mad if I got to go to Beale Street or Bonnaroo either. Any festivals you’re itching to go to? Or bands you want to see?

Check out this fab resource if you’re interested in all the music.

Pictures in this post were found here.

california food truck wedding

Ladies and Gents, let me present you with The Most Perfect Wedding. (besides mine, naturally. ehm.)

When I first saw pictures of this wedding, I nearly burst with excitement/envy.
It’s almost too perfect. It’s everything I love rolled up into one insanely amazing thing and I can hardly stand it.

Everything from the color scheme, to the intimate number of guests, to the fact that it’s in a FREAKING FIELD, to the food truck with gourmet burgers and fries for all. Polaroids, beer and hippie get-ups are just the icing on the proverbial wedding cake, or in this case, probably something much cooler than wedding cake.

See the rest of it here.