wall hangings

I am not one of those people that gets their decorating and painting done right away. I wish I were, but we moved in seven years ago and my kitchen is still the ugly yellow that is was when we got here and awkward spaces remain on walls where I haven’t gotten around to hanging anything up.

It took having a baby just last year to actually paint over the seafoam green walls in our guest room (complete with a painted cloud ceiling, a ‘grassy’ wall, and a bear/moose border). So yeah, safe to say I’m not a go-getter when it comes to those things. Sorry to all our prior guests who had to sleep in that wild room.

I don’t know why it takes me so long. I guess it’s a matter of prioritization, but once I have some free moments I just end up baking something or sitting and doing not much of anything. I’d like to do better, but it might just be a matter of time.

I do keep my eye out for pretty things I might like to hang up someday, so here are some of my wants and inspirations:

For the kitchen. Found here.

Can’t afford these particular ones, but love the idea.

I die for anything by Katie Daisy, these are two faves though.

I’d love to hang a rug similar to this above our bed. That one is sold out, there are other similar ones though. Also expensive :( .

Because it really is. I want this reminder hanging up somewhere. (All the banners by Secret Holiday are pretty sweet.)

motivational monday

Monday is the day we all need a little extra push, isn’t it? I know I tend to want to sleep late, eat bowls of cereal and mosey around the internet. So when I stumbled across this article which articulates exactly how I’ve been feeling and emphasized exactly what I needed to hear, I could’ve cried. It’s pretty awesome and I think you should read it too.

And oddly enough, I had just scribbled the above phrase in my sketchbook like an hour before.